A family of Italians

We are real Italians selling real Italian foods!

For us food is a serious matter. We are the ones to show you why!

So what do we do?

We source our food from producers in Italy and bring it right to your doorstep each weekend. We are here to share with you our passion for food! Italia in Piazza is one organisation which offers a professional, authentic and unique market experience. We are efficient and effective in what we do.

We all have infinite knowledge of Italian food & how to use it and like to share this everywhere we go.

Our mission

Italian food is our passion. We want to acculturate you about the best Italian food.

Life revolves around food in Italy and the same applies to our mission, which is to travel to as many villages, towns and cities in England to share this passion with you.

We thrive on quality and together with our simple recipes you can create the most mouth-watering dishes! Just ask us how we would cook it!

Where to find us

We go around Italy selecting the best produce for you

We frequently travel around our home country trying to source you the best fresh produce – from the roots of Calabria, famous for its chilies, to the port city of Genova, famous for its pesto.


This is where most of our cheeses are selected from. We continuously work with our producer, who is based near the valley of Taleggio, to bring you the best quality cheese. The torrone, which is soft nougat, is also selected from a very reputable family run business in this region.


Our pasta, sauces and Taralli are all produced for us in this southern part of Italy. The area of Gargano is renowned for the production of fine pasta and our producer is no different. Martina Franca is the origin of our exclusive extra virgin olive oils. The mediterranean is famous for its production of olives and these are hand picked, selected and harvested using old traditional methods. Our producer is one of the leading producers in Puglia.

Bringing the best Italian food to your home

Just imagine a few delicate slices of bresaola on a bed of rocket salad, shavings of the best parmesan and a drizzle of the finest extra virgin olive oil.

On the side perhaps some olives individually stuffed by hand with garlic cloves and a sea salt focaccia bread with a cream of balsamic dip!

Visit one of our markets and you’ll be able to try most of these, and many more ingredients right on your doorstep.

Long tradition and experience

Catering and food have been embedded in our lifestyle from birth. We have the invaluable traditions of our ancestors and the experience in selection, preparation and presentation of Italian food.

“Ricordo molto nitidamente quella mattina di primavera che mi svegliò un intensissimo odore di caffè, ma era un odore molto forte e fuori dal normale, mi alzai e mi recai in cucina dove vidi la mia nonna con il suo bel fazzoletto in testa una gran padella sul fuoco e questi chicchi di caffè marroncini chiaro che tostavano e emanavano un profumo meraviglioso, quel giorno scoprii la tostatura del caffè e capii che cucinare era un’arte”

Simon Faro (Director Italia in Piazza)

Quality & authenticity

In Italy the quality of food is a priority.

By tradition only the best and most authentic of produce is acceptable.

This means healthier and natural ingredients are used such as gluten free salumi and breads with no flour improver, just to name a few.

All of our produce falls within this category so you can buy with confidence.

Are we coming to your town?

For 10 months a year we travel across the country to many different cities, towns & villages. We normally promote our events through local papers, road signs, leaflets, posters & banners.

If you would like to find out if we’ll be visiting a town near you please contact us via email.

We also share comments, recipes and locations on our Facebook Page so Like our page now!

In shopping centres & car parks

We often visit towns and villages where there is no high street or obvious space for us to set up in.

In this case we will find a suitable alternative in order to realise the opportunity to share our produce with you.

These alternatives may be public car parks, shopping centres, restaurant or pub car parks or parks.

Look out for us!

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